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    Hot Off The Press

    When is it the right time to think about a rebrand for your business? Why not now?

    A re-brand provides the perfect platform for supporting innovation, growth or a change of direction. At Creative Order, we’ve worked on dozens of rebrands. Check out our work for Dacland, LifeHealthcare, Beatty Legal, and TPPG – all clients who sought out our rebranding advice within a few years after establishing their business.

    Why re-brand? Because they were seeking something to reflect who they are now.

    Quite often when starting up, temporary or stopgap logo designs get used in the race to launch. But brand identity is fundamental to what your business stands for and what your customers think of you and it’s never too late to take the next step, to solidify and build on your initial success.

    Re-branding is about updating and evolving your image and offer.

    Be confident in why you want to re-brand before starting the journey. Are you changing focus? Looking to connect with new markets or customers? Feeling out of date or lost in amongst your competitors? Do how you look on the outside reflect your business machinations and drive?

    Research is crucial – consider your sales figures and where they’re generated from, customers, your environment, your products and services and your industry trends. And build this into your story.

    Our re-branding company works with you every step of the way.

    We work with you to create or evolve your brand with the perfect rebranding strategy. We’ll ensure you are clear about who you are and encourage you to stay true to that. This should be at the very heart of your brand identity. It may be just a logo or it may be everything but! We’ll help you work out what elements have the most equity and how to evolve them as part of an overarching rebrand strategy.

    Four key elements to successfully rebrand your business:

    — Re-branding strategy —

    The art of rebranding is much more complex than a logo makeover. Many successful companies have gotten it wrong – just ask BP who in 2000 replaced their shield logo with a flower-shape at a cost of millions in research and roll-out. Environmentalists accused them of spending more on the logo than on renewable energy and many images surfaced of the new logo with oil on it. Identifying why you want to rebrand will help determine the type of rebrand that will best achieve your goals.

    — Logo re-branding —

    From a refresh to a total new look, your logo is your core identifier and in a cluttered marketplace is what makes you stand out whether from loyalty or impact. Think of it as your front line. True differentiation is authentic and underpins the promise only your brand can offer.

    — Website rebranding —

    We live in a digital world and its imperative that your website is an engaging and impactful reflection of your brand.

    — Marketing rebranding —

    Don’t forget all your marketing collateral. Packaging, cards, stationery, signage, office space, shopfronts, presentations, etc are all a visual showcase of you are.

    Remember, rebranding is about updating the personality and value of your business
    Don’t confuse branding and marketing as the same. Marketing showcases your brand but your brand is your livelihood. So, if you’re going to take your business to the next level you need to do it right. We live and breathe corporate rebranding and have worked with national companies through to start-ups and sole traders.

    Talk to us about how to implement a successful rebranding process through our tailored five-phase rebranding plan. Our rebranding consultants love coffee and are ready to meet you in our studios in Sydney and Melbourne, your office, favourite café or chat over email or phone. Further reading on re-branding, see our article ‘The Truth About Re-Branding’

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