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The Truth About Re-branding

The Truth About Rebranding in Sydney – New Article by Design Agency Creative Order

Political news headlines last week included the accusation by the Australian Labor party that the Federal Government are re-branding the China free trade deal as an “export agreement” in order to make the decision more palatable to voters. In fact in the midst of writing this post, rumours are now circulating about a Liberal leadership spill.

rebranding in sydney

Politics aside, this reminds us of the importance of honesty in branding. Covering a change as a ‘re-brand’ can have dire consequences.

Whilst politics may not be the best example, re-branding to cover up the truth is dishonest—and your consumers will read straight through it.

When we work with clients to create or evolve a brand, we ask them to be clear about whom they are and encourage them to stay true to that. This should at the very heart of your brand identity especially if you are considering a re-branding strategy.

It is amazing how many brands have tried to convince people that they are something they’re not just by changing their brand identity!

In 2000, BP replaced a strong 70-year-old logo with their current design, the ‘Helios’ (Greek sun god) to represent their company’s green growth strategy. Yet there’s not much that is ‘green’ about drilling for oil—in fact in 2010 they were responsible for one of the largest marine oil spills in history.

Successful re-branding should be an evolution with clarity and truth about the why in order for your loyal followers to feel like they are a part of this journey.

They have invested in you already so you can’t afford to lose them with an insincere, dishonest or poorly executed re-branding strategy—look at Tropicana’s loss in credibility with its brand re-design. So much so that the carton design was reverted to what is was originally.

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