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logo design Inspired design protecting from plagiarism

Inspired design: protecting from plagiarism

Just weeks ago, the organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games announced that they would “scrap their scandal-hit logo after copying allegations” whilst last month the AFL also issued an apology to an Adelaide graphic designer for plagiarism.

When briefing us and as part of our research phase, it is common place for clients to show us examples of brand designs that they like—in fact it is essential to help us get inside your heads—but it is also our role to take those visual cues for inspiration only—no matter whether a colour, a typeface, or even an energy. We are creators and that is our passion—giving your brand a unique identity that stands you front and centre with your audience.

Plagiarism comes into play with the unauthorised use or close imitation of existing artwork being represented as one’s original work and with the internet and design programs allowing almost anyone access to create it is harder to police. The Arts Law Centre of Australia and Viscopy both provide extensive information about your visual rights but it is also important to consider trademarking your logo and assets for additional protection, particularly in foreign markets if your business may extend abroad.

Talk to us about your creative needs — we stand by our commitment to delivering you with unique, enigmatic and marketable brand and assets.

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