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    brand agency putting the zest and zing into a start up

    Coming up with a business name: a Zestful new start-up

    “The first thing everyone says to me when they meet me or call me is ‘I love your business name!’ or ‘I love your website!’. My clients and audience already trust my brand before they meet me because Creative Order have created such a professional and standout brand for me. So I’m already a step ahead of the competition.”
    — Amanda Ford, Zest+Zing

    Amanda Ford always wanted to start her own business and for her profession—nutrition—she believes that it really is the best way to make a difference. She tells us why working with Creative Order in coming up with a business name gave her a solid foundation to launch her nutrition practice and brand Zest+Zing.

    Coming up with a business name

    What were the biggest challenges you faced on the start-up road?
    I think just knowing where to start! There is so much to do and it can get overwhelming. But I think if you start with a clear vision and plan, it really helps.

    Coming up with a Business Name; What appealed to about working with Creative Order on your branding?
    I had seen some of the work that Creative Order had done and was really impressed. I felt like they really bought brands to life and were on trend. I wanted to create a brand that will still be relevant and look great both now and in the future!

    What were the biggest challenges in the branding process?
    To be honest, Creative Order made the process very easy for me when they created such a strong brand with Zest+Zing. They came up with the business name very quickly and I loved it so much, that everything else flowed very well. They had a clear direction for the brand, which is what you need and why you get the professionals on board.

    How involved were you in the creative process?
    Creatively, not very much at all, I was happy to leave that to Creative Order. I just provided them with my business vision, values and the feel that I wanted and they ran with it. My only real creative input was that it had to incorporate the colour yellow and I wanted a fresh feel, and I think they obviously captured that perfectly.

    What kind of guidance did they provide?
    They really guided me through the branding process, from development of a business name, to logo and then onto marketing materials and the website of course. In terms of the website design and functionality, I really let them guide me on that as they know what works and the best options for a start up business like mine. They also gave me another perspective with some great advice and ideas for my business. Especially when you work on your own as a sole-trader it is very easy to get lost in your work, so having that outsider opinion was really helpful.

    As a start-up, what are the advantages of working with a creative agency?
    It comes back to those overwhelming feelings when you’re starting out. It really pays to put your brand in the hands of some experts to take charge of that for you, give you invaluable outside advice and perspective, and going with someone you can trust, takes away all of that stress and overwhelm. Once you have your brand established, you can get on with your job and focus on running your business, which is where you need to be!

    coming up with a business name putting the zest and zing into a start up

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