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How to Stand Out in the Inbox Crowd – Email Direct Marketing

Email direct marketing (eDM) is a smart and cost effective sales and marketing tool but with the implosion of emails that our in-boxes are bombarded with daily, it is increasingly harder to cut through the clutter. So how can you create a winning eDM that truly stands out?

  • Be smart
    According to the Signals by HubSpot 2014 Email Open Rates Report, which reviewed 6.4 million emails to ascertain trends impacting open rates, 80 per cent fewer emails are sent over the weekend, but have a 10 per cent higher chance of being opened. Do your research and try email tracking software to discover how your customers engage with your emails. We like MailChimp & Campaign Monitor.
  • Be personal
    Who are you talking too? You may be able to reach masses of people at one click, but your customers still expect and deserve the individual attention you would give them face-to-face. And be clear on how your brand your emails—is it the company or a brand ambassador? Whoever you choose you must make it consistent to develop that digital relationship.
  • Be precise
    What’s your message? Make your subject short, punchy and clear, and speak to the interest of your customer. And make the copy smart and engaging but to the point. Your call to action must be clear so that you encourage your customer to act immediately, not file for later and be lost in the email embers.
  • Be decisive
    Have a sense of urgency to motivate action. For example, the Signals by HubSpot report found that emails with ‘tomorrow’ in the subject line were opened 10 per cent more than those without. Have a plan and make your customer feel like they are part of that.
  • Be honest

Never mislead to inflate click through numbers as it will always irritate your customer and kill any brand loyalty that you have worked so hard to build. And Avoid using tactics that get caught in spam filters—using all capitals and lots of exclamation points can easily do this.

  • Be creative:

That’s where we come in. A well-designed template enhanced with engaging copy is what we love to do. Check out some of previous eDMs:

email marketing stand out in the inbox crowd

And remember:

Direct marketing (such as telemarketing and advertising via email, SMS or post) is generally covered by the Privacy Act 1988. This means you must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)—APP 7 specifically relates to direct marketing and its key take-outs are:

  • You (or any agencies you engage) must not use or disclose personal information you hold for the purpose of direct marketing unless an exception applies
  • You must allow the recipient the chance to opt out of receiving any communication and then comply with that request.

With recent changes and tougher enforcement of the direct marketing practices of businesses, make sure you check out the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s Guide to Privacy for Small Business and Email Marketing Enquiry about how to create a smart, savvy and safe eDM campaign.

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