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gym logo design sydney vero-new fitness brand gym neutral bay sydney

VERO a new brand in fitness – gym logo design

A new gym logo design by Creative Order®. Our design agency was briefed by the founder of VERO, Lydia Docking to create a new brand in the fitness training industry. Lydia had a deadline of less than two months and our brief set about creating everything for this new start-up business. We created the brand name VERO Fitness, the logo design, brand identity and all of the touch points including custom website, signage, interior graphics, marketing material and membership forms.

Gym logo design for VERO Fitness

When developing a new brand at Creative Order, we always develop a brand story with copywriting that sets the tone of voice for the direction of the brand, as well as telling the story of how and why the brand came to be. Here is VERO’s story:

VERO means ‘truth’ and to ‘conquer’.

TRUTH because our high intensity group sessions do exactly what they say. You’ll feel the burn and be taken to the edge of breaking.

CONQUER because you’ll be stronger, faster and much, much fitter than you ever thought possible. We can’t promise you’ll love every minute, but power through the pain and it’ll be worth it.

OUR TRAINERS focus on the fundamentals of fitness. Not the fads. They’re here to make you healthier, not hotter (OK, so maybe a little hotter). They talk tough, they look tough but at heart they really care. If you’re new to all this fitness stuff, then they’ll ease you in before ramping it up. Already know what you’re doing? In that case, they’ll streamline your workouts and push you harder. Way harder.

gym logo design sydney vero new fitness brand gym neutral bay sydney

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