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Five ways to come up with a killer business name

In the world of Uber, Google, Tesla and Twitter – how many more killer names are out there to make your business stand out. Plenty if you think the right way.

1. Make your name memorable but keep it simple

Ideally your name should be short and clear to inform your people what you do. And you want it to be search engine savvy. So do you go quirky or functional – a lot depends on your product or service and your audience. Take your cue from Ikea’s Ingvar Kamprad who simply used his initials and the first letters of the farm and village where he grew up to name his global success story. And be sure to listen to how it sounds when spoken out loud. This may sound stranger but all the most memorable brand names roll off the tongue. If it’s hard to say will people talk about it? And talkability drives business.

2. Avoid acronyms, really long names and obscure meanings

IBM was International Business Machines before it became IBM – its took a lot of brand equity to be able to become an acronym. On the other end of the spectrum, overly long names that describe every element of your business are confusing, boring and a nightmare to Google. And to that end – some of the best names become their service or product – other great examples are Kleenex, Hoover and Uber, so consider active words. Made up or unusual words work if they’re easy to explain – the minute you need a few sentences to explain, you’ve lost us.

3. Listen to what people are saying about you

We love this name that the guys at Fortune talk about. Big Ass Fans came about because the founder realised that what people were ringing up and asking for, not HVLS Fan Co. (although his expansion into lighting prompted a refresh to Big Ass Solutions). The moral to the story is they listened to the customer’s perception of their products and made it work in their favour. Genius and memorable.

4. Check you can actually use your name everywhere

You need to register your business and domain names, potentially get a trademark, design a logo and brand your payment solutions and bank accounts. And think about expansion – if you want to go beyond our borders make sure your name and tagline does not get lost in translation, like American Motors whose launch of the Matador car in 1970s Puerto Rico failed because the name translates to ‘killer’ in Spanish – not great for driver confidence as Business News Daily reveal.

5. Ensure your name will get noticed by the right people

Brand reputation and integrity can be made or broken at the first introduction – you need to be taken seriously and be aligned with your product or service offering. And getting noticed by the RIGHT people – your dream customers is critical. And that comes back to the first point – be memorable but simple is key to a killer brand name.

5 ways to come up with a killer business name creative order brand agency

Making memorable, simple killer brand names is in our DNA at Creative Order, so stop pondering and talk with us. We can work with you to create a name that will truly resonate with your audience and get you on the way to branding your business the right way.

professional logo design sydney-melbourne graphic designers

Are you looking for a professional logo design?

Professional logo design for your business – In a cluttered world it’s important to stand out and to do that you need a killer logo for your business. And we’re here with the good news about how to make that happen.

Professional logo design does not need to be complicated

In fact, you can have a killer logo that simply uses text. A professional but memorable logo design is often minimalist, but when you brief your design agency, tell them exactly what you have in mind as it will help them deliver you the best logo design you could have ever imagined. Remember, regardless of whether your logo is an image like Apple or letters like Google, it’s also the first introduction to your brand.

We’re bringing professional logo design back to the brand

Professional logo design has evolved a lot in the last few years. The trend for huge designs with attention-grabbing effects has thankfully passed. Buisnesses are returning to seeling professional design that represents the ethos of the brand. We’re experts at designing professional logos that are what your truly stand for, because we know every brand is unique with its own story to tell. We’ll take the time to understand your personality, passion, history, future, customers and environment.

That’s what we do best. Killer logos. Uncomplicated.

The trick is nailing the right combination between the fonts, sizes, colours and movement. And when this is achieved it will draw a lot of attention to your website, and all for the right reasons. We also ensure is multi-platform so no matter what biz you’re in and where you’re logo will appear it will work. Its about simplicity, memorability, longevity and being appropriate. For a new and creative professional logo design that speaks the truth about your brand, talk to us at Creative Order in Sydney & Melbourne. We will help you attract the right attention in the best way with a killer logo that speaks to your audience the way you need it to.

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Why your business needs good graphic design

Staring your own business is a huge undertaking that is all-consuming. And as priorities compete it is generally operations, finances and marketing that take the front seat. But along you’re your people and product or service, at the heart of a successful business is your brand. It’s what your customers buy into. Underpinning your brand is your logo and complementary design elements, which are so important to get right, especially in a crowded marketplace. From your shopfront to website and emails to packaging, good graphic design is the key to your visual identity.


The person who creates and makes these element work hard for you is your graphic designer
Graphic designers—like us at Creative Order—are an extension of your team. We take the time to understand your personality, passion, history, future, customers and environment to build the visual representation of your brand. And this is why graphic design is so valuable to your business.

1.   Brand identification

This is where it all starts from. Your brand’s logo is not something to take for granted –

As its most likely going to be with you for the entirety of your business life unless you undertake a re-brand (and that’s a whole separate exercise). Your logo is the first thing that will engage with your customers – it is your introduction.

2.   Professional representation

Having a professionally designed logo instantly gives presents your business as being serious about what you do. It shows you’re professional and your product or service is well thought out and that you’re in it for the long term, because it shows you’re truly investing in it from every angle.

3.   User friendly engagement

Graphic designers also produce powerful websites with impact. This is prime real estate for your business and one of the most engaged communication touchpoints with your audience. A good graphic designer will ensure that your website design is functional, user friendly, aesthetically-pleasing, and as professional as your product or service.

4.   Standing out in the crowd

By ‘crowd’, we mean your competitors mostly. Your logo and brand identity help with recall and loyalty, especially when it comes to packaging. As humans, we tend to have an attractiveness bias and are likely to put hands on any product that seems aesthetically pleasing and looks of quality.

5.   Appealing to the right market

Design speaks so much to your target market. For instance, a colourful toothpaste tube featuring cartoon characters is clearly for kids whereas as a black tube typically represents charcoal toothpaste targeting teeth whitening. Good graphic design should do most of the talking and be supported by before the words.

6.   Creating a brand that is timeless

Refreshing your design without losing your core identity is critical to keeping up with your audience as they age or change. Coca-Cola refreshed their logo and packaging to move with a new generation but still remain true to their core identifiers. A good graphic designer knows what works and how to update that look accordingly but still capitalise on the legacy.

There are four key qualities to look for when choosing a graphic designer for your business

Whether in-house or a freelance or agency support, make sure your graphic designer has these six qualities to elevate your investment and effort in your visual identity.

A motivator

What motivates them says a lot about the quality of the end result. Look for a designer who is passionate, driven by their work and is excited by the challenges. If they prioritise material gain the heart won’t be there.

A self-criticiser

It takes a professional mindset to criticise oneself. As artists, designers need to balance their confidence levels and take a third party’s opinion at every step, keeping in view that it is for the audience they are trying to please and not themselves.

A time manager

Time management is key to graphic design. The ideal designer can gauge targets against the time to fulfill them. They must be realistic with deadlines and only take the order they can fulfil.

A boundary pusher

The graphic designer should be able to push boundaries in terms of time and creativity. And they must think out of the box by not being confined to the typical ideas.


Understanding the importance of good graphic design entwined with the features of a great graphic designer will set you up for a strong visual brand identity to help you earn customer recognition and market share. These are qualities that we eschew at Creative Order, so talk to us about how we can use good graphic design to take your visual identity to the next level.

re-brand article rebranding sydney-agency CREATIVE ORDER®

When is it the right time to think about a rebrand for your business? Why not now?

A re-brand provides the perfect platform for supporting innovation, growth or a change of direction. At Creative Order, we’ve worked on dozens of rebrands. Check out our work for Dacland, LifeHealthcare, Beatty Legal, and TPPG – all clients who sought out our rebranding advice within a few years after establishing their business.

Why re-brand? Because they were seeking something to reflect who they are now.

Quite often when starting up, temporary or stopgap logo designs get used in the race to launch.

But brand identity is fundamental to what your business stands for and what your customers think of you and it’s never too late to take the next step, to solidify and build on your initial success.

Re-branding is about updating and evolving your image and offer.

Be confident in why you want to re-brand before starting the journey.

Are you changing focus? Looking to connect with new markets or customers? Feeling out of date or lost in amongst your competitors? Do how you look on the outside reflect your business machinations and drive?

Research is crucial – consider your sales figures and where they’re generated from, customers, your environment, your products and services and your industry trends.

And build this into your story.

Our re-branding company works with you every step of the way.

We work with you to create or evolve your brand with the perfect rebranding strategy. We’ll ensure you are clear about who you are and encourage you to stay true to that. This should be at the very heart of your brand identity. It may be just a logo or it may be everything but!

Gap changed their logo for just six days back in 2010. We’ll help you work out what elements have the most equity and how to evolve them as part of an overarching rebrand strategy.

Four key elements to successfully rebranding your business

  1. Re-branding strategy

The art of rebranding is much more complex than a logo makeover. Many successful companies have gotten it wrong – just ask BP who in 2000 replaced their shield logo with a flower-shape at a cost of millions in research and roll-out. Environmentalists accused them of spending more on the logo than on renewable energy and many images surfaced of the new logo with oil on it. Identifying why you want to rebrand will help determine the type of rebrand that will best achieve your goals.

  1. Logo re-branding

From a refresh to a total new look, your logo is your core identifier and in a cluttered marketplace is what makes you stand out whether from loyalty or impact. Think of it as your front line. True differentiation is authentic and underpins the promise only your brand can offer.

  1. Website rebranding 

We live in a digital world and its imperative that your website is an engaging and impactful reflection of your brand.

  1. Marketing rebranding

Don’t forget all your marketing collateral. Packaging, cards, stationery, signage, office space, shopfronts, presentations, etc are all a visual showcase of you are.

Remember, rebranding is about updating the personality and value of your business

Don’t confuse branding and marketing as the same. Marketing showcases your brand but your brand is your livelihood. So, if you’re going to take your business to the next level you need to do it right. We live and breathe corporate rebranding and have worked with national companies through to start-ups and sole traders.

re-brand article rebranding sydney-agency CREATIVE ORDER®

Talk to us about how to implement a successful rebranding process through our tailored five-phase rebranding plan. Our rebranding consultants love coffee and are ready to meet you in our studios in Sydney and Melbourne, your office, favourite café or chat over email or phone.

Further reading on re-branding, see our article ‘The Truth About Re-Branding’

gym logo design sydney vero-new fitness brand gym neutral bay sydney

VERO a new brand in fitness – gym logo design

A new gym logo design by Creative Order®. Our design agency was briefed by the founder of VERO, Lydia Docking to create a new brand in the fitness training industry. Lydia had a deadline of less than two months and our brief set about creating everything for this new start-up business. We created the brand name VERO Fitness, the logo design, brand identity and all of the touch points including custom website, signage, interior graphics, marketing material and membership forms.

Gym logo design for VERO Fitness

When developing a new brand at Creative Order, we always develop a brand story with copywriting that sets the tone of voice for the direction of the brand, as well as telling the story of how and why the brand came to be. Here is VERO’s story:

VERO means ‘truth’ and to ‘conquer’.

TRUTH because our high intensity group sessions do exactly what they say. You’ll feel the burn and be taken to the edge of breaking.

CONQUER because you’ll be stronger, faster and much, much fitter than you ever thought possible. We can’t promise you’ll love every minute, but power through the pain and it’ll be worth it.

OUR TRAINERS focus on the fundamentals of fitness. Not the fads. They’re here to make you healthier, not hotter (OK, so maybe a little hotter). They talk tough, they look tough but at heart they really care. If you’re new to all this fitness stuff, then they’ll ease you in before ramping it up. Already know what you’re doing? In that case, they’ll streamline your workouts and push you harder. Way harder.

gym logo design sydney vero new fitness brand gym neutral bay sydney

Email your logo design enquiry now

create awards packaging design finalist

Creative Order® Packaging Design Finalist at this year’s Create Awards!

Creative Order was proud to be awarded finalist at this year’s Create Awards. We’re super chuffed that our packaging design for Coffee Bird’s exclusive single origin range continues to get industry recognition as one of the best packaging designs of the year.

Hosted by Tom Ballard and presented by Desktop, the awards were held at Carousel overlooking Melbourne’s Albert Park Lake. Designs were submitted from all over Australia and the world.

Be sure to check out our designs for Coffee Bird which have been featured in this month’s Desktop magazine with Tin&Ed’s amazing cover design, on newstands. Thanks Desktop for your continued support!

You can also view the full range of design projects that made it through to the Create Awards shortlist, or download the Create Awards ebook download.

desktop create awards special edition
switch up your look creative-order-integrated marketing campaign designer glasses-

Switch Up Your Look: integrated marketing campaign

The Optical Company who own optical retail brands Kevin Paisley and Stacey & Stacey briefed us to create an integrated marketing campaign. Spurred on by sluggish new customer numbers. TOC had a limited marketing budget to spend and consistently battles large competitors with money to burn. To combat these challenges, Creative Order developed a highly successful spring and summer through-the-line advertising campaign that combined a strong retail offer, presented using innovative art direction. The end result is a campaign that has serious cut-through across television, press, radio and point-of-sale channels.

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people in charge get it wrong new zealand flag design red peak

New Zealanders use social media to vote for the better flag design: Red Peak

When New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced a proposal to change the flag, a government-appointed panel whittled down more than 10,000 design submissions to a shortlist of four designs to go to a public referendum.

But New Zealanders weren’t happy with the choices laid out for them by their government, and took to social media to lobby for a fifth to be included—the Aaron Dustin “Red Peak” design. And just a few days ago, the New Zealand government “…bowed to public pressure…” and added Red Peak, which has “…generated a groundswell of support…”

More than 50,000 people petitioned to include Red Peak in the new flag ballot, and whilst the government initially refused to budge, the intense social media campaign has paved way for the the first time in history that all New Zealanders will have a say in the design of their flag, integral to their identity and causing immense debate across the ditch.

Interestingly, an opinion poll this week showed 69 per cent of people still actually want to keep their current flag, with the total cost of deciding whether to change the flag estimated to be as high as $26 million.

new zealand flag design red peak

Kiwis will vote for their favourite design in a referendum to be held between November 20 and December 11 with the winning design going head-to-head against the existing flag in a second vote in March.

Identity is one of the most powerful assets any brand can have and the choice to re-brand or evolve your identity must be carefully considered in order to keep your audience invested in you. Talk to us about establishing a powerful identity for your new brand that truly resonates.

logo design Inspired design protecting from plagiarism

Inspired Design: Protecting from Plagiarism

Just weeks ago, the organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games announced that they would “scrap their scandal-hit logo after copying allegations” whilst last month the AFL also issued an apology to an Adelaide graphic designer for plagiarism.

When briefing us and as part of our research phase, it is common place for clients to show us examples of brand designs that they like—in fact it is essential to help us get inside your heads—but it is also our role to take those visual cues for inspiration only—no matter whether a colour, a typeface, or even an energy. We are creators and that is our passion—giving your brand a unique identity that stands you front and centre with your audience.

Plagiarism comes into play with the unauthorised use or close imitation of existing artwork being represented as one’s original work and with the internet and design programs allowing almost anyone access to create it is harder to police. The Arts Law Centre of Australia and Viscopy both provide extensive information about your visual rights but it is also important to consider trademarking your logo and assets for additional protection, particularly in foreign markets if your business may extend abroad.

Talk to us about your creative needs — we stand by our commitment to delivering you with unique, enigmatic and marketable brand and assets.

brand agency putting the zest and zing into a start up

Coming up with a business name: a Zestful new start-up

“The first thing everyone says to me when they meet me or call me is ‘I love your business name!’ or ‘I love your website!’. My clients and audience already trust my brand before they meet me because Creative Order have created such a professional and standout brand for me. So I’m already a step ahead of the competition.”
— Amanda Ford, Zest+Zing

Amanda Ford always wanted to start her own business and for her profession—nutrition—she believes that it really is the best way to make a difference. She tells us why working with Creative Order in coming up with a business name gave her a solid foundation to launch her nutrition practice and brand Zest+Zing.

Coming up with a business name

What were the biggest challenges you faced on the start-up road?
I think just knowing where to start! There is so much to do and it can get overwhelming. But I think if you start with a clear vision and plan, it really helps.

Coming up with a Business Name; What appealed to about working with Creative Order on your branding?
I had seen some of the work that Creative Order had done and was really impressed. I felt like they really bought brands to life and were on trend. I wanted to create a brand that will still be relevant and look great both now and in the future!

What were the biggest challenges in the branding process?
To be honest, Creative Order made the process very easy for me when they created such a strong brand with Zest+Zing. They came up with the business name very quickly and I loved it so much, that everything else flowed very well. They had a clear direction for the brand, which is what you need and why you get the professionals on board.

How involved were you in the creative process?
Creatively, not very much at all, I was happy to leave that to Creative Order. I just provided them with my business vision, values and the feel that I wanted and they ran with it. My only real creative input was that it had to incorporate the colour yellow and I wanted a fresh feel, and I think they obviously captured that perfectly.

What kind of guidance did they provide?
They really guided me through the branding process, from development of a business name, to logo and then onto marketing materials and the website of course. In terms of the website design and functionality, I really let them guide me on that as they know what works and the best options for a start up business like mine. They also gave me another perspective with some great advice and ideas for my business. Especially when you work on your own as a sole-trader it is very easy to get lost in your work, so having that outsider opinion was really helpful.

As a start-up, what are the advantages of working with a creative agency?
It comes back to those overwhelming feelings when you’re starting out. It really pays to put your brand in the hands of some experts to take charge of that for you, give you invaluable outside advice and perspective, and going with someone you can trust, takes away all of that stress and overwhelm. Once you have your brand established, you can get on with your job and focus on running your business, which is where you need to be!

coming up with a business name putting the zest and zing into a start up

We hope you find our article Coming up with a Business Name a handy, insightful resource – Click the following link to email us if you’d like to know more about our affordable, professional service.